Pretargeting - Lead generation technology that targets prospects before their first visit to the website.

why pretarget

Pretargeting drives MORE first visits to your website.

When using digital marketing to drive leads and sales, getting the prospect to visit your site is the first and most critical step of the process. There are MANY different strategies that help you drive awareness to your website: social media, content marketing, paid ads, etc. Audienti pioneered Pretargeting as another strategy to push lead generation to the next level.

1. Pretargeting reaches prospects when they are emotionally triggered and more ready to buy.

Let's talk about the buying process and mindset.

People choose to buy using primarily emotion--factors like trust, like, status, etc. and only secondarily with facts. If you cannot convince a prospect emotionally, then no facts will get them to choose to buy.

So, as marketers, we target a prospect's needs and wants. We use our Unique Value Proposition (USP) and show how this value meets their need better than any competitor.  Without this association, the prospect is unlikely to buy the offered products/ services.

pretargeting works better

However, there is a core part missing from this approach--timing.

A prospect goes along in life, virtually unaware that they have this problem/want/need. Then, something happens. This triggers an emotional spike.  During this spike, and shortly thereafter, the prospect is highly in tune with their wants and needs--the emotions are high, and with the right value proposition, they are ready to engage.

However, as the prospect goes through time, they cool off and as a result the sales process becomes a lot more challenging.

This is why triggering has to become a key part of your marketing strategy.

2. Pretargeting makes your campaigns more relevant.

relevant through listening

If you are using ad networking, Facebook ads, Google search or display ads, etc  you can target prospects based on their interests. But, this is NOT the same thing as pretargeting.

When you target a person based on their interests, you do not know where they are in their trigger cycle.

For example, you sell yoga pants. You can use ad networks to target prospects that are between 18-45, female, and into yoga.  You can see that there are 3.1 million prospects in the USA.  You can run an ad that targets these people, and get clicks, and make sales.

But, with pretargeting you can add "trigger phrase" targeting. You can target people that say things like "I just started yoga" or "yoga is hard" and get people that are expressing phrases that indicate that they are more highly triggered.

And, more highly triggered = more likely to buy, and more likely to buy more quickly.

3. Pretargeting typically lowers your cost per sale.

Pretargeting has a second benefit. When you interest target, you are competing with all the other brands that are interested in selling yoga products to your prospect.

This means that the cost per click will typically be higher.

When you use pretargeting, your cost per click is based on targeting a custom audience you have identified (a website audience). This means the cost per click will often be lower than an interest click. This is particularly true seasonally, and for higher cost keywords.

22 reduction in costs

Pretargeting works best for national brands and campaigns.

usa amp

When does pretargeting not work well?

Virtually never. However, the challenge with pretargeting is that you will typically find leads nationally (or even by language) globally, and then have to filter down to the subset that matches your segment.

If you are a national brand, then this works great. However, if you were, for example, a local vendor of yoga accessories, the lead volume might not be as high as you would like, which would likely make these campaigns less cost effective.

Audienti's Lead Targeting software is a pretargeting solution.

Audienti built its solution from the ground up to implement pretargeting. If you are interested in how pretargeting might work for you and your business, then please reach out and schedule a call.

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