Brand Collaborations Template

This template is extracted from the of a "Effective Marketing Engagement Systems" course. Build direct relationships with your Attention Map's A-List (aka influencers). Find ways to create win-win partnerships. And, promote your efforts in the process.

brand collaborations

Almost half of the consumers use influencer recommendations to make decisions. And, not the brand name influencers, either. Micro-influencers make up over 2/3rds of all brand collaboration campaigns today.

And, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, brand collaborations saw a 578% ROI in 2019. So, this can be a super powerful strategy when done well.

Brand collaborations are in the middle of our overall strategy. It's the least visible of the processes but often can yield the best results.

Another term people use for Brand Collaboration is the Dream 100.

The Dream 100 is a strategy developed by Chet Holmes in his book the Ultimate Selling Machine. In the strategy, we don't sell. Instead, we find people that influence, and maybe transact with our perfect buyer. Then, we create a partnership that allows the influencer to advocate on our behalf. They get paid when it results in sales.

So, we're not selling, and they're not selling. They are "prescribing" a solution to a problem, and that sells our solution.