The Identity Template

This template is extracted from the of a "Connection-making with Prospects: Branding and Positioning" course. It's been extracted from the experiences of the Audienti team, and various bits of positioning and strategy we've done through the years.

our identity

In our previous discussion of The Hero we discussed that our perfect buyer is the hero. They are on a quest or a mission to accomplish something. It's our job to be the guide—the person that helps them get what they want.

Good or bad, our "identity" is wrapped up in what we do and who we do it for. You can't separate your brand from your perfect buyer. Because, your brand is in service to your perfect buyer.

This is where SO many people get sideways.

They don't think of their brand, their identity, as tied to a perfect buyer—that this relationship is what everything else swirls around. Instead, they try to segment markets and say that they have 3 different segments that buy them for different reasons.

An atom only has 1 nucleus, no matter its size and shape.

Why is this important?

  • The better this symbiotic relationship is defined, the better your marketing efforts perform. Why? Because the value you provide is an exact match for your target.
  • By focusing on your nucleus, you'll attract others to swirl around you. It creates more gravity. Why? Because the tighter and more compacted it is, the more mass it has. Mass = value. And, the more value it has, the more it pulls them toward you.
  • And, lastly, and this is the most important. When you knock it out of the park with value for you Hero, that hero will tell 7 people on average. This means you get referral business.

Your identity and the execution is how you define your brand. Not the logos or images. Not the tag lines. It's the REAL brand.

Your "brand" is the experience that people have intersecting with you and the things you provide to your perfect customer. It's the thing what people say behind our backs when we're not there.

So, get your identity right, and the The Hero right, and things get a LOT easier.