Our Tribe Template

This template is extracted from the of a "Connection-making with Prospects: Branding and Positioning" course.

our tribe

Your tribe is the people that are in your same garden. They are the competitors, suppliers, distributors, customers, strategic partners, enthusiasts, influencers. You must know who they are, and how they affect your efforts to be successful.

At least for me, I didn't understand what the tribe was for a long time. What or who is the tribe? How does a tribe change our marketing efforts? How do we leverage it to make ourselves more effective as marketers? What's the difference between a market and a tribe?

Realization: The people that take part in the same market as you do, friends, foes, and buyers are part of your tribe.

Given this, there are a few core differences between your perfect buyer and the tribe that are important to understand.

  • Your perfect buyer will be entertained by you, but your tribe will converse with you.
  • Your perfect buyer can be bought, but your tribe's trust must be earned.
  • Your perfect buyer follows trends, but your tribe leads discussions and makes trends.
  • Your perfect buyer invests dollars, your tribe invests emotionally.
  • Your perfect buyer will be fickle, but your tribe, once gained, will be loyal.

The opinions of the tribe drive a lot of the decision-making of the perfect buyers. So, you must engage with the tribe to gain their trust, in order to gain the trust of the perfect buyer.