Social Engagement Template

This template is extracted from the "Effective Marketing Engagement Systems" course. Engaging where your perfect buyer gets information drives our awareness and visibility. We connect and engage. Build relationships. And, over time, become a leader.

social engagement

We need to engage with the tribe. It helps us better serve them to understand their needs. And, by increasing our awareness, we build relationship maturity.

You can listen to your market. But, how much and how far do you go?

Pareto to the rescue!

The 80/20 rule applies. 100 or so places account for the vast majority of where perfect buyer's get information related to your topics. If we show up there, we cover most of the bases.

This has two primary benefits.

We can

  • Drive higher share of voice in places where our perfect buyers gather.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding spending time and money on channels that are less effective.