The Content Production Process Template

This template is extracted from the "Effective Content Production & Promotion" course.  Short paragraphs get read. Long paragraphs get skimmed. Very long paragraphs get skipped. ~ Jason Fried

content production

What you'll want to do is build either a spreadsheet or a Kanban/Trello/Asana/Notion board that tracks these steps in the process. We use Notion (really for everything, including the early draft of this content).

There is a number or "roles" that people have to play in this process. You may wear all of the hats, but as you scale, you will outsource some or most of these.

  • Content Manager—manages the overall schedule of the content, checks in and moves the process forward.
  • **Copywriter—**writes content, following a style guide. Should domain knowledge about the subject. Dark blue boxes.
  • Editor—has significant digital communications experience. Intimate with project objectives, domain knowledge, and has relationships with subject experts. Reddish boxes.
  • Subject expert—authoritative subject voice, access accurate information for interviews.
  • CMS Editor—confident in CMS, can populate the content and add images, handle linking, and make the content published. Must have some SEO knowledge and understand HTML. Teal boxes.
  • Graphics designer—provides custom graphics where required that match the style and tone of the website. Green boxes.