The Content Remix and Scheduling Process Template

This template is extracted from the "Effective Content Production & Promotion" course.  By "nuggeting" our content we create additional content formatted specifically to increase reach, build authority, and establish expertise.

content remix
Your deeply researched, high-quality content has a flaw.

When you build 8 to 12 high-quality, 2,500+ word pieces of content all-around a topic, built in a hub and spoke structure, they're GREAT for the web. They'll get great search traffic. They deliver extremely high value to your perfect buyer and help them long in their job journey.

But, long-form text doesn't translate well to most of the ways that people consume content today.

A wall of text isn't interesting, as you see from the fact that magazines are dying and newspaper distribution is almost gone. If you're like me, when I'm done for the day or need a break, I jump on TikTok. Most people get their daily on social. Searchers have to be actively searching. Given this, how are you going to create the serendipitous moments that enable your perfect buyer to find you and get some of that juicy value?