The Content Strategy Process Template

This template is extracted from the "Effective Content Production & Promotion" course. The Content Strategy defines the overall plan to move prospects through their job journey using our value ladder, while building relationship maturity with your perfect buyer.

content strategy

So, your goal with content is to help your perfect buyer make progress on their job goal. If you've read or consumed other courses from us, you know about the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) methodology for defining a systematic way to developing a content plan—based on jobs and job steps.

Your content strategy aligns with this. The mission of your content is to produce content that helps your perfect buyer, by name, make progress on their job goal.

The formula for this is:

PERFECT BUYER gets INFORMATION to make progress on JOB GOAL.

If you have a documented mission statement (according to CMI & MarketingProfs), you are 5 times as likely to be successful with content marketing.

And, FYI, this should be a great call to action for your social streams as well. Instead of your social media profile being all about YOU, it should be all about them.