The Perfect Buyer Template

This template is extracted from the of a "Connection-making with Prospects: Branding and Positioning" course. Define who we serve in our tribe — our perfect buyer. Do it in a way that we can target them through paid and earned work.

perfect buyer

Now, it's time to get ready to hustle. We need to define our perfect buyer in as much detail as possible.

Getting this profile is important. This helps us define the messages that start the relationship. We need to do this in a way that will resonate with this buyer and increases the likelihood of engagement.

So, when we sell a product, we generally do it because of cultural fit. They are part of our tribe. But since these cultural ideas aren't "selectable" in the ad networks, we have to use external attributes. These external attributes are demographics and interests.

While we may not run ads at the moment, we want to be able to do it later. In most networks, with a simple email or login, we can target this EXACT person.

Wouldn't you be more comfortable if you know that, in a worst-case scenario, you can actually run an ad and target someone? And, once you're comfortable with your system, this is a good way to scale.

It's common to think that your perfect buyer isn't reachable with an exact match through ads. And, that might be true. But, you need to get in the ballpark, as close as you can.

And, if you've not run ads before, you will be surprised how much you can target an individual based on their patterns and behaviors online.

We always start with 1 target buyer, but over time it's likely you'll develop more.