Agency life. It’s not all Mad Men day drinking and coming up with brilliant slogans. Turns out, you actually have to prove your value to your clients, almost always on a much faster timetable than your marketing in-house peers.

There are many challenges to being a marketing agency, but here are some of the biggest:

  • Agencies must constantly assure their clients they’re worth every penny. This is almost always done through key deliverables, like a weekly report. Creating reports and demonstrating ROI can be time consuming–how can you justify spending three hours in a creative meeting, only to come up with one semi-viable campaign idea?
  • They can’t drive new revenue while working to grow the business. The only way to grow is to acquire new customers or up-sell existing ones. Business development often means unpaid work and upfront time investment. Agencies may never see a payoff from potential clients who move in a different creative direction or scrap their marketing plans altogether.
  • Executive resources don’t scale. You went into the creative services industry to be just that–creative. Yet agencies must stay on top of their clients’ industries, which means researching and performing administrative tasks that take time away from your brainstorming sessions.
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So, what’s an agency to do? To keep the lights on, they can keep doing business as usual. But there’s no growth opportunity in that. Instead, agencies must adopt strategies that maximize their time to expand their business. That means getting out from behind the spreadsheets and reports and getting in front of prospects and wowing them with creative genius.
Of those two tasks–research/report making and relationship developing–only one can be done by automation.

With new marketing automation solutions being produced every day, agencies are uniquely positioned to grow their business more efficiently than ever before. There are many ways marketing automation can alleviate the stress agencies feel in keeping clients happy while getting in front of new leads. In addition to freeing up time in your schedule, automation removes human error that can come from manually researching influencers or guessing what keywords are best for your brand.

Agencies can now offer more data insights to their clients about their customers. Marketing intelligence can unearth who a company’s most vocal audience members are, where (what platforms) they express their concerns or questions, and when (what part of the day and week) they’re doing it. Agencies can advise their clients with a highly targeted, effective 1:1 way to reach their consumers, ultimately driving sales, which always keeps the client happy.

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