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According to CXL, marketers have a 2.5 year shelf life.

I have 20+ years of marketing experience. And, I've been very successful. 4 exits. Over $400 million returned on $65 million+ invested. Two businesses taken from $0 to $10+ million in revenue run rates in less than a year. I've had million+ dollar paydays when I sold companies to other, larger companies. I've been at the heart of data-driven marketing and startups as long as I can remember.

Sounds like I'd feel 100% confident, right? Well, often I don't. At least not right now.

Especially not with the pandemic.

What's on my mind? McKinsey & Co. states that our society has digitally advanced a decade in a 90 days ('they call it the quickening'). Marketers add at least 2,000 new tools to their potential arsenal per year.

I have been diligent. I have been doing my research. But there is so much. Did I see what's going to work best for my business? How do I know that I am not past my shelf life?

Well, I don't.

And, now, GDP fell off a cliff. There's more pressure than ever to be more productive and effective. And, overwhelmed with options, my default behavior is to do what worked in the past. But, I know we all have a 2.5 year shelf life. It moves that fast.

I can't be mediocre.

It reminds me of an old sailor saying I heard somewhere: "I believe in me, but then there's the sea." The things we can't control drive me crazy. In all aspects of my life.

I don't know about you, but that makes me feel less than 100% confident. I worry my effort will not produce the results it needs to produce for me, for my business, and for society.

Given this, how do I get my sea legs? How do I regain my confidence to feel better about my skills as a marketer? How do I get back to being that old, crusty sailor that can feel the waves coming and ride them to get where they need to go? To take the swells and turn it into an advantage.

It comes down to focus. I have been here before. Undoubtedly, I will be here again.

I focus to keep my eyes on my north star (my customers). I focus to fill in gaps where my skills are weaker. And, I focus to build specific, detailed, tactical procedures I use to split test my own work.

I focus to improve my systems not by worrying about the next wave—but instead making next wave an advantage.

So, that's what I'm doing now. That's what this is about.

For the last 6 months, I've gone back to the fundamentals of marketing. My notes. My experience. I've stripped away the foundation and started again. I've gone into "hardware mode" as Tony Stark says in Iron Man. I've read dozens and dozens of books, I've taken dozens of courses. And, I've done what I do best. I've absorbed everything, combined it with my previous experience. I've added lessons from the work I've done with my own clients.

And, I've rebuilt my systems to take advantage of the modern environment.

It's a revolution in what I do.

So, what is different?

The first, and most important thing I realized is that no marketer can do it alone anymore. There's too much to see—too many waves to ride. Too many tools to check. Marketers need to be a part of their own tribe.

Fortunately, about 5 years ago, we started Growmance. Growmance is our growth hacker Slack community. It's a group of people that want to connect with other marketers, want to help, and want to get help. And, we're almost 9,000 strong.

Through my work on Growmance, I see that marketers need and crave a place to get feedback. They want a tribe that's on their side.

Second, online training is flawed. It fails in two places--applying it to your business, and the procedures to do so.

Most marketing training is abstract. It doesn't directly connect to what you, as a business, do. As a result, you're stuck in the "that's good, I should be doing that" but you still have to figure out how to cross that gap.

We have too much to do. And, because we're overwhelmed, we don't take the time to figure out how to cross the gap so we can use it.

Also, training doesn't define exactly what steps to take. It's missing specific procedures with exact steps you need to take. At the end of training, you should know exactly what to do. There should be "minimum viable procedures" in training that lays out the procedure. Then, you can build and improve on this procedure for your unique situation.

So, in this Growmance effort, we're taking a different approach.

We provide live, 1:1 individual help for everything we produce—including free courses. You can actually get in a voice call and a screen share, show what you're doing, and get feedback. You can ask questions and get answers. You can talk about your situation, and have us tell you what we prescribe.

Standard Operating Procedures are built into every course. These are the same procedures we use to promote our products and our customer's products.

Our procedures are always improving. You can ask for updates, and we'll make them. You can give feedback and we'll improve them. We identify top practitioners, and have them help us improve and add new procedures. And, as the procedure improves, everyone benefits from our shared experience.

You get updates for life. When you take a course from us, we support you for that materials for life. You get updates. You can continue to ask questions. You become a part of our community, and we support our community.

Our tribe has an online home--Growmance, our Slack community. But, it's not a private Slack group like so many of the others. Like you, I crave new ideas, better ideas. Growmance is our way to get them and share them.

There's also ways for you to share your expertise for profit. We will take, share, and promote good content from our community. If you've built a course (and it's good) we'll promote it for free to our community. We will support and promote each other's marketing campaigns when we can. We will "rise all the boats" of our tribe, so we can all succeed together.

I want to be a part of helping you achieve your goals.

I've got a track record of success.

And, yes, I'm great at marketing. But, I don't promise all the answers.

I do promise to figure out what you need. I promise to do my best to make Growmance your home for creating enduring value. To be there to help you achieve your vision. To help you remove confusion and provide clarity. To make you a better marketer. And, to celebrate with you when you succeed.

This is new for me. It's different from what I've done before. And, it's different than I've seen anywhere else. But, it's what at least I need as a marketer to do my job for other people.

I hope you'll join me on the journey.