Our Culture & Responsibilities

A quote from Peter Drucker

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.

~ Peter Drucker

A quote from Elaine Biech

Your reputation will be created by thousands of actions, but may be lost with just one.

~ Elaine Biech

Why & what drives our culture

Marketing is the greatest social technology ever invented for solving human problems.

As our societies evolve, we have to choose which innovations provide the most societal value. The method by which these choices are made is the marketing process.

Without this model, society would not have a method and means to efficiently make choices about which societal innovation is valuable.

As we have evolved, and as the tools and technologies have changed, people have become more aware of marketing: both in its ability to do good and its ability to do bad.

Given this, we, as marketers, have a responsibility to move society forward in a way that's good for society.

The 5 Rules for Being a Responsible Marketer

Give the above, we believe in a modified version Nick Hanauer in his TED Talk about being a capitalist. In it, he describes a path forward for capitalism. We've extended this talk to our more marketing-specific view. But, credit where credit is due, this is mostly Nick's great thinking.

  • Marketing isn't a jungle—it's a common garden. The market (and marketing to generate awareness) is the greatest social technology ever invented for solving human problems. But, like gardens, they must be tended to. They must be regulated by social norms or democratic regulation (climate change, financial crisis). We have to be signing up to the golden rule ("do unto others")—otherwise in the long run our marketing efforts will be doomed. The people that, like us, tend to this garden, this is our tribe.
  • Inclusion creates growth—we are always marketing to, and for, people. Including more people into the tribe that we serve causes growth in both the market and our business. Unlike prevailing economic theory that states that the two curves are supply and demand—we are the "third curve", information, that drives the market to purchase. More information, more inclusion, increases the pie for everyone.
  • Our mission is to improve the outcome and lives of everyone--Our purpose as a marketer (for ourselves, for a company) is not only to produce a profit for the shareholders, but also to improve the outcome and lives of all of stakeholders (workers, consumers, our tribe, and society as a whole). We inform, and that brings societal innovation to the world.
  • Greed is NOT good--Being for ourselves at all costs doesn't make us capitalists, it makes us sociopaths. Sociopathy is bad for business, markets, and our society. If we must be greedy, let's be long-term greedy. A greed that benefits all in society in the long term. Short term greed is bad, and doesn't allow for sustainable businesses.
  • In a free world, buying most things is a choice--It's not physics. Unlike the laws of physics, buying is a set of social norms, constituted narratives, best practices, and behaviors. To treat it as unequivocal fact undermines truth. Anyone telling you that marketing is as simple as X = Y is not correct. Choice causes the transaction to occur.