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Please review the Growmance Community Guidelines

Building a community is hard. When we have to spend the majority of our time managing people and their behaviors, it takes time from building a robust community to support your marketing efforts.

I get it. Marketing requires hustle. We appreciate hustle! But, there are some common behaviors that will not be tolerated.

  • Only post 1 message, in 1 channel, 1 time per week. If you have something to promote, promote it in the channel where it’s approved to be posted. Why? Because most people are in multiple channels. When you go from channel to channel posting content, potentially 10s of thousands of people are getting multiple notifications in their Slack. It seems spammy, and well, it is. If you violate this one, we will notify you immediately (if we see it). If you argue, you are terminated.
  • Don’t spam via direct messages. If you do this at all, or we identify that you do this, you will be permanently banned.
  • Don’t post any link or content requests in anything but the link-exchanges channel. If you do this at all, or we identify that you do this, you will be permanently banned.
  • Don’t make junk/useless posts. Content should be relevant to the channel.
  • Post in the correct channels. If there’s a specific channel, USE IT.
  • Don’t post ANY self-promotional content in the #general and #marketing channel. These channels, while they have the most users, also cause the most problems. Only use #general and #marketing for non-promotional, learning, or help requests.
  • Don’t change public room descriptions. Reach out to a community manager for guidance.
  • Don’t scrape the Growmance members list so you can spam them outside of Growmance. You acknowledge through participation in Growmance that this is not only an egregious offense, it also does irreparable harm to our community. If we find you’ve done this, and we receive notifications that you’ve done this, you will be prosecuted to the best of our ability.
  • Don’t do anything that resembles harassment. Negative comments based on race, sex, sexuality, gender, nationality, politics, appearance, history, disability, or anything that creates a hostile environment. And, it’s not you as the speaker that decides this, it’s the person that receives the comment. So, take care with your language to create a culture of community and respect.

If a moderator contacts you for questionable behavior, you must stop what you’re doing immediately. If you are warned about a behavior, and the behavior is repeated, you will be banned. 2 strikes and you are out.

You will accept these terms on the next page.

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