Community Policy

Last Updated: 2023 10 05

We’re thrilled to have you here. Before you dive into the conversations and connections, we’d like to share a few key points. By joining and participating in our community, you’re agreeing to the following terms.

General Policies

  1. Community Guidelines: Respect and understanding are the pillars of our community. We’ve set some guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all. These are outlined below.
  2. Staying Connected: Occasionally, we might reach out to you through emails, private messages, or other communication methods. These messages can include community updates, promotional content, and more. By being a part of our community, you’re giving us a nod to keep you in the loop.
  3. User-Generated Content: Any content you share here is deemed user-generated. Do note, it’s subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Always ensure you have the rights to what you’re sharing.
  4. Privacy Commitments:
    • European Members: By using our services, you agree to have your information de-anonymized. Our community thrives on real, genuine interactions, which means no anonymous profiles.
    • California-based Members: You’re also giving a thumbs-up to the terms under the CCPA.
    • Canadian Members: The same rules apply, aligned with Canadian privacy regulations.

Behavior Policies

We understand the drive to market and promote. But for the sake of clarity and harmony, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • One at a Time: Kindly post your message once in the appropriate channel per week. This ensures a clutter-free experience for all.
  • Direct Messaging Etiquette: We discourage spamming via direct messages. If found doing so, it might lead to removal from the community.
  • Link Sharing: Please share links or content requests only in designated channels.
  • Relevance is Key: Your contributions should be pertinent and beneficial to the community.
  • Channel Specifics: Each channel has a purpose. Ensure you’re in the right place when posting.
  • Non-Promotional Channels: Some channels are reserved for non-promotional discussions. Let’s respect their sanctity.
  • Community Contributions: Refrain from altering public room descriptions or community resources without proper permissions.
  • Protecting Community Integrity: Scraping member lists for external communication is a strict no. It’s against our community values, and actions will be taken if such behavior is detected.
  • Inclusivity and Respect: Our community promotes a harassment-free environment. Avoid comments or actions that can be perceived as negative or hostile. It’s about both intent and how it’s received.

Additional Note: The guidelines and policies mentioned above are foundational and apply to all our communities. However, each individual community may have its own specific guidelines tailored to its unique culture and purpose. Please ensure you familiarize yourself with and adhere to both these foundational guidelines and any additional rules specific to the community you’re engaging with. Combining respect for both sets of guidelines ensures a harmonious experience for everyone involved.