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Identify prospects when the time is right to engage

with Audienti, the AI-based social discovery platform

Save time and money. Automate sales and marketing activities. And, generate more leads and sales.


Our mission? To make growth hacking more successful and less stressed out!

Marketing is hard. Over the last 2 decades, we've done a LOT of startup marketing. We've noticed the problems you always run into.

Something as simple as implementing Gary V's $1.80 marketing strategy can get really tricky, really fast. We've learned this the hard way. And, that's why we built Audienti.

Audienti helps you build reactive, automatic, targeted marketing that gets results.

Get Better Results

Engage prospects when they are actually interested

Automatic, automated, evergreen marketing campaigns are easy with Audienti.

Identifies New Prospects Daily

Every day, almost like a dating app, Audienti identifies new prospects based on social conversations.

Understand Prospects Better

Audienti includes analytics that help you better understand the market's conversations. So, you can work smarter.

Automate Contact

Works with the best in class marketing automation tools to make prospects engagement happen automatically.

Cross & Multi-channel

Find on a prospect on Twitter, engage on Facebook. Working across channels makes you seem like you're everywhere!

Easy to integrate

No-code API designed specifically to make integration with your current software easy.

Safer & more secure

Doesn't require access to your social accounts to work. Doesn't publish on your behalf.


Invite your team to help you build out campaigns.

Cookieless / no footprint

Does not require anything to be loaded on your website. Doesn't require cookies to track or target.

Friendly & helpful support

Experienced marketers help you not only with the product, but also with marketing expertise.

Marketing is all about timing. You have to engage when the time is right. That's why I built Audienti. By engaging when someone talks about your keywords, you're much more likely to build a connection. And, it saves time and money.

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