Social network lead scraper

Quickly build lists from social activity. Gather prospects from all over the web. Simplify building contact lists. Get fresh leads. Target leads by social media activity.

Extract leads from conversations.

Extract leads from the heart of social media conversations and comments. Build targeted lists with high engagement potential.

Automatically enriches profiles.

Automatically collect detailed profiles, including emails and social media accounts, from each lead. Streamline your outreach by having all contact information at your fingertips.

Leads are refreshed daily.

Automatically update your pipeline with new leads daily, targeted by your predefined keywords. Keep your outreach fresh and relevant with a constant stream of potential contacts.

Hyper-targeted lead filtering.

Use custom filters to precisely target leads by industry, interest, or recent activity. Fine-tune your campaigns for maximum relevance and impact, ensuring you reach the best leads every time.

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