Security Overview

Last Updated: 2023 10 05

Every piece of data is instantly written to multiple disks, backed up daily, and stored across various locations. Customer-uploaded files are housed on servers that employ cutting-edge techniques to eliminate potential weak points.

Secure Data Transmission with HTTPS

All data moving between you and Audienti is encrypted and transmitted using HTTPS. Within our private networks shielded by firewalls, data might be transferred without encryption.

Files you upload are encrypted when stored. While our application databases typically aren’t encrypted at rest, they’re actively protected and monitored just like all our systems. For added security, our database backups are encrypted using GPG.

Fully Redundant Systems

From power supplies to internet connections, our servers are designed with full redundancy. They’re built to remain operational even if several servers fail.

Physical Security

Our advanced servers are safeguarded by biometric locks and continuous internal and external surveillance. Only authorized individuals can access the data center, with 24/7 staff on-site ensuring added security.

Up-to-date Infrastructure

We regularly update our software infrastructure with the latest security patches. Audienti operates on a dedicated network, fortified with firewalls and under constant monitoring. We collaborate with security experts to stay ahead in web security.

Billing Information Protection

All credit card transactions use secure encryption, on par with leading banks. This information is securely transmitted, stored, and processed on a PCI-Compliant network. We do not store your credit card data in our system. We rely on a partner (Stripe) for credit card processing.

Continuous Monitoring

We oversee the security of your account on our systems. We also have monitoring tools set up to alert us of any suspicious activities. We’ve never experienced a data breach, and we aim to keep it that way.

Internal data access is audited. Any OMALab employee found accessing customer data without proper reasons will face severe consequences, including potential termination.

In the unlikely event of a security breach, we will promptly notify all affected customers.

A Decade of Trust

Security is as much about trust as it is about technology. Since 2013, we’ve built and maintained the trust of countless companies globally. We’re committed to upholding this trust every single day. At OMALab, longevity and stability are at the heart of our mission.

Concerns or Incidents to Report?

If you’ve observed any misuse, abuse, or security incidents related to your account, please visit contact support.