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Outbound Social Sales CRM

Audienti AI + your hustle = unstoppable growth

You don’t have the luxury of time. Ditch the grunt work and focus on what matters:
closing deals and scaling fast.

From start to success in 3 easy steps

Describe your prospect

Describe your ideal customer – their interests, behaviors, and demographics. Then, our AI takes over. It constantly searches the internet to find new prospects that match your criteria, and delivers fresh prospects every day.

Engage without spamming

No more cold outreach. No more spamming. With Audienti's mention-based responses, start conversations that connect. You start warmer conversations right away because each lead has a social media message you're replying to.

Manage and grow

Audienti unifies all your interactions, across many platforms. Track conversations, measure conversion rates, and refine your approach based on real-time analytics. With Audienti's tools and your hustle, watch your customer base expand.

Audienti top features

AI-driven prospect discovery

Describe your ideal client and let Audienti's AI constantly provide new leads that meet your criteria.

Mention-based engagement

Engage leads with context. Begin real conversations by replying in social media. Get warmer engagement with less effort.

Unified Digital Management

Manage interactions across many platforms in one centralized place.

Automatic Contact Expansion

Audienti finds a person's other public social profiles and contact information when you import a lead.

Database lead search

Explore our large database to connect with potential clients on the Audienti platform.

Performance Analytics

Track your and your team's performance, measure campaign success, and refine strategies with real-time insights.

Multi-channel direct chat

Engage with leads from the platform, whether it's an email, a tweet, or a LinkedIn message.

Pipeline-based workflow management

Use a kanban-type board to track your next steps with prospects. Build a repeatable, scalable model for engagement.

Plays well with your growth stack

Make Audienti work seamlessly with other tools and platforms to transfer data and deliver leads. Zapier and Make supported.

Helps high growth startups get more done


Built from the ground for hard hustling startups.

Your wins are our wins

Customer satisfaction is our #1 and primary goal.

Previous VC startup experience

Founding and senior team go-to-market experience growing multi-million dollar businsses.

Curious? Let's talk. No sales pressure.

Together, we'll explore if Audienti is a fit for your business.