The Value of Innovation

What is innovation? And, what is the value of innovation? These are the questions that I want to take a closer look at for this blog post. Off the top of my head, I would add some other questions, closely related to the ones stated above: How do experience and innovation interact? How do emotions […]

Spy on Your Competitors: Adopting Winning Strategies

Our growth hacker wrote the thorough and extensive guide “How to Spy on Your Competitors .” In it, he describes the manual way one could go about putting together a competitive analysis. Audienti automates this entire process, delivering you up-to-date intel on what your competitors are doing. But now what? Having a competitive analysis means not […]

Great Tips to Watching Competitor Activity

Keep your friends close, but your competitors closer. As we’ve said before, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make is neglecting to keep an eye on competitor activity. Never underestimate the potential of a single product rollout or service launch. Within weeks or even days, a company can really surprise you. Additionally, a […]

Top 7 Competitor Research Tools

A marketer’s job is dynamic, demanding, and dependent on having a constant eye on your competitor research. Understanding and predicting industry trends is important, but maintaining your knowledge about the competition is even more so. Your competitors are wading in the same pool, so it’s your job to fish delicately for the right leads and […]