Cancellation Policy

Last Updated: 2023 10 05

We at OMALab, Inc. prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over everything else. We believe in providing you with the freedom to manage your account, which is why we’ve made the cancellation process straightforward and hassle-free. You can cancel your account directly from within our apps without the need for phone calls or any other complications.

To cancel your account from within our apps, account owners can follow these steps:

Audienti SaaS

If you’ve made a payment for Audienti, go to your “Account” for your icon on the top right of the screen (with your picture likely on the pulldown menu). From there, choose “Billing”.  You will see your currently subscribed plan. You can Remove this plan and drop to the free plan. No further billing should occur. 

If you haven’t paid for Audienti, or you want your account removed, you may email our support at [email protected] and we will remove your account. 

Please note that our legal obligation is towards account owners. This means that we can only process cancellation requests from them. If you’re unsure about the current account owner or have lost access, please get in touch with us. We’ll make every effort to contact the current account owners using the email addresses we have in our records.

What happens post-cancellation?

For all apps except paid Audienti accounts, access to your account will be revoked immediately upon cancellation.

Therefore, ensure you’ve downloaded all essential data before proceeding with the cancellation. For paid Audienti accounts, you can continue using the service until the end of your paid period, post which the account will be automatically terminated. However, you have the option to expedite this process if needed.

Your rights to your account data ends when your account is terminated. 

30 days post-cancellation, we will permanently erase all content associated with your account from our primary servers. This data will be removed from our backup systems within 60 days.

While we have backups for legal and security purposes, it’s crucial to understand that once your account is closed, your data cannot be retrieved.

If you have second thoughts about the cancellation, you must act within the initial 30 days.

After canceling, you won’t receive any further bills from us. While we don’t automatically prorate unused time, if you’ve been inactive for an extended period or have just commenced a new billing cycle, reach out to us. We believe in fairness and will ensure you’re treated right.

Cancellations initiated by OMALab, Inc.

Accounts may be terminated by us under the following circumstances:

  • Trial Accounts:

    • For Audienti: 60 days post-expiry of a trial that hasn’t been upgraded.
    • For other services: 30 days post-expiry of a trial that hasn’t been upgraded.
  • Frozen Accounts: 180 days post-freezing due to billing discrepancies.

  • Free Accounts: After 365 days of inactivity.

  • Paid memberships our access to courses: 30 days after payment of paid access to a course.

Furthermore, as stated in our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts for any reason, at any given time. Typically, this implies that we might cancel your account without prior notice if we find evidence suggesting misuse or abusive behavior on our products.