Managing Legacy Accounts

Last Updated: 2023 10 05

Firstly, our deepest condolences. We understand that handling administrative tasks during such times can be overwhelming. We aim to make the process of managing your loved one’s Audienti account as straightforward as possible, while also upholding our commitment to privacy and security.

For Immediate Account Suspension

If your primary goal is to halt any billing without accessing the data, the quickest method is to cancel the associated credit card via the credit card provider.

If You Have Account Access

If you possess the login details, you can manage billing, export data, and terminate the account via the Account & Billing section, accessible from the main menu.

Without Login Credentials but with Legal Authority

If you lack the login details but have legal authorization to manage the individual’s matters, we’re here to assist. However, please note that we cannot provide login credentials. The subsequent process might span 4-7 days due to verification procedures. To initiate, please email [email protected] with:

  • Legal documentation confirming your role in overseeing this individual’s matters. Acceptable documents encompass: a fully-executed Power of Attorney; or an official Death Certificate combined with either: a) a will or trust document naming you as executor or beneficiary; b) a marriage certificate for surviving spouses; c) a birth certificate for parents or proof of guardianship for legal guardians.

  • The Audienti email address of the deceased or incapacitated individual.

For verification, please provide:

  • If the name on the legal documents differs from our records for the account holder, we’ll require evidence confirming they’re the same person.

  • A photograph that simultaneously displays: 1) a selfie clearly showing your face; 2) your Government Issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.) beside your face; 3) a paper labeled “Verification for Audienti” with the current date.

  • The probable billing address region and postal code.

  • The last four digits of the credit card likely used for the account.

Upon successful verification, we will notify the account in question with an option to contest the request.

If we don’t receive a dispute within 72 hours, we can assist with:

  • Account cancellation, which will result in data deletion. Please refer to our Cancellation policy for more details.

  • Providing an export of the account’s content.

All verification information shared with us is deleted immediately after the verification process concludes.

Further questions?

Reach out to our support team.