Fair Refund Policy

Last Updated: 2023 10 05

It’s frustrating to deal with unfair refund policies, making you feel like the company is just out to get your money. At OMALab, Inc., we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and trust. Our refund policy is straightforward: If you’re ever dissatisfied with Audienti for any reason, reach out to our support team, and we’ll assist you.

Examples of full refunds we'd grant

  • If you were recently charged for another month of Audienti but intended to cancel, we’ll gladly refund the extra charge.
  • Forgot to cancel your Audienti account a few months back and haven’t used it since? We’ll provide a full refund for those unused months, as long as you don’t have an automated connection to push the data to another system (such as pushing prospects into another CRM system). No questions asked.
  • Gave Audienti a try for a couple of months and it didn’t meet your expectations? You can have your money back.

Examples of partial refunds or credits we'd grant

  • If you neglected to cancel your account a year ago and there’s been activity since then, we’ll assess your account usage and determine a partial refund based on the months you actively used it.
  • Upgraded your Audienti account a few months ago to a premium plan and, while you continued using the platform, didn’t utilize the additional features? We’d contemplate applying a prorated credit for upcoming months.
  • If we experienced significant downtime (several hours in a day or multiple days in a month) or if our customer service response was delayed by several days, we’d issue a partial credit to your account.

Get in touch

Every situation is unique, and many decisions come down to individual circumstances. If you have concerns or issues, please contact us. Share your experience, and we’ll collaborate with you to ensure your satisfaction.

While we will do our best to accomodate you, all decisions regarding refunds are at the discretion of OMALab, Inc. and are final.

Note: This policy is applicable to Audienti, a product developed and owned by OMALab, Inc. Specific nuances might apply based on the subscription model or other factors.