Getting Started with Team Management using Notion

In this video, I will share insights on team management using Notion - discover how to streamline tasks, set up dashboards, and enhance transparency for small teams.

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In this helpful training, William Flanagan, the CEO, and founder of Audienti, shares what he’s learned from using Notion to manage teams for a whole year. If you work with others, want to get stuff done better, and like to keep things clear, this training’s for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Get Organized: Learn how to keep track of tasks all in one place with Notion. No more jumping between different tools—it’s all in one spot, making work easier.

  2. Work Together: Discover how Notion can help your team work together better. When everyone can see what’s going on, it’s easier to help each other out and get things done.

  3. Reach Your Goals: Find out how to make sure your tasks line up with what your company wants to achieve. With Notion, you can track how close you are to reaching those big goals.

  4. Do More, Faster: Learn tips to make your team even more productive using Notion. When everyone knows what they’re doing, work gets done quicker.

  5. Grow Your Team: See how Notion can help your team grow smoothly. As your team gets bigger, Notion keeps everything running smoothly.

What You’ll Need:

To follow along, all you need is a Notion account and some basic knowledge of how it works. This training is about getting things done, not just knowing how to click around.

Join the Community:

Connect with William Flanagan and others like you in the Growmance community. It’s a place where people who work in marketing share ideas and help each other out. Get quick answers to your questions and start using Notion like a pro.

Wrapping Up:

Now you’re all set to make your team work better with Notion. Keep things organized, work together, and watch your team reach new heights—all thanks to Notion!