The Twitter Explore Tab is here

As promised in the social media guide, here is a quick update on Twitter replacing Twitter Moments with a consolidated Twitter Explore tab. Twitter has recently subsumes Twitter Moments into a new category and tab: Twitter Explore. The fans of Twitter Moments were fans because it allowed you to keep track of important things happening around […]

The 8 Types of Brand Advocates

This blog post is about brand advocates, specifically about the eight types of brand advocates that I have identified on social media. Yes, I am afraid, that we are not done with archetypes yet. There is so much more to say. I have spent a lot of time figuring out how archetypes can be useful to […]

Reddit Marketing: The 7 Tools Redditors Recommend

Img Source: Since its 2005 launch, Reddit has quickly become a haven for internet users seeking an alternative to traditional social media. Known for its array of interesting, quirky, and intelligent users, Reddit has also evolved into a place for honest opinions and discussions about everything under the sun. This, of course, includes marketing tools, […]

4 Things That You Should NEVER Outsource

Outsourcing, as we’ve said before, is great for a lot of reasons. You can reduce your overhead costs and focus on what your company actually does without overextending your staff. But there are certain services and aspects of your business that you should never, ever outsource.   Don’t Outsource Core Competencies “If you are a recruiting […]