Reddit Marketing: The 7 Tools Redditors Recommend

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Since its 2005 launch, Reddit has quickly become a haven for internet users seeking an alternative to traditional social media. Known for its array of interesting, quirky, and intelligent users, Reddit has also evolved into a place for honest opinions and discussions about everything under the sun. This, of course, includes marketing tools, resources, tips, and tricks.

Subreddits such as r/SEO, r/marketing, /r/webmarketing, and reddit-for-marketers/‎ unite marketing-savvy Redditors who contribute by providing expertise, advice and insights into all things in and outbound marketing. So when it came to writing a post about tried and true marketing resources, our first stop was Reddit.

Through various threads, Redditors recommended a variety of marketing tools:

  • Gratifyapp – Gratify App does A/B testing and optimization for blog posts, recognizing the need to make a great first impression with a potential customer. Gratify tests versions of blog posts to predict how readers will engage.

    It’s lightweight and good for streamlining everyone’s progress.” – Anonymous Redditor

  • Hootsuite combined with Twitter app TweetDeck – Hootsuite is a favorite amongst social media marketers to automate social postings. Add TweetDeck into the mix, and you have a content-sharing powerhouse.

    “I rely on the free tools as much as I can, because, I’m sort of the whole marketing department…I like Hootsuite combined with TweetDeck. Good old Google Analytics is awesome too.” – Whatyoushouldknow

  • SalesFUSION – SalesFusion was one of the few top marketing vendors mentioned on this thread. SF focuses on customer relationship management, making it an ideal way to generate quality leads.

    “I chose it after meeting with their crew at a trade show and they had a solid product that syncs with our CRM and was considerably less expensive than Hubspot.” – PablanoPato

  • Vocus Marketing Suite- Vocus is another all-in-one tool that aims to enhance your lead-generating experiences. It combines search, social, email & PR efforts.

    “You can send press releases directly to media for a more traditional PR approach.” – rjrait

  • SproutSocial – SproutSocial aims to increase brand awareness through social media engagement, publishing, and analytics. Besides having an arsenal of tools at your disposal, SproutSocial is a Twitter Certified Product and Google+ Pages API Partner.

    “It has revolutionized how I use social media.” says user b4ckp4ck. 
    “I can add up to 20 accounts so it is helpful for me to manage multiple campaigns.”

  • Act-On– Act-On is a versatile platform that utilizes marketing automation, email marketing, and lead management to enable their users to consolidate their various marketing efforts.

    “I have used Act-on for 2 years, after deep evaluations of Marketo and Pardot. It is deeply integrated with our and does almost everything I need it to. Their customer service is excellent.” – mbrusyo

  • Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is an SEO-focused tool that crawls websites and delivers data to allow users to more efficiently optimize their site. It identifies SEO issues on your pages and makes recommendations, making the entire optimization process nearly effortless.

    “SF is cross-platform, and configurable enough to focus on a single thing, and can work around its limitations.” – HalNavel


Did we miss any essential marketing tools recommended by Redditors?

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