Reverse Engineering Marketing: Great Ideas from the Internet

ompany websites compete for niches in online markets. Only a small portion can get most of the attention. Website traffic shows a “winner-take-all effect”. All smaller, less active players lose against that winner. So most businesses aim for slower success in the “long tail”.

For some startups and most lifestyle businesses, this is enough. But corporations have the resources to aim for the top spot. They need to win in a larger market. Their competition is doing it.

Each business is forced to aim for the top spot. That is where you get the most traffic and prospects. You can give your content marketing strategy a boost if you reverse engineer the strategies of your competitors.

Reverse Engineer the Strategies of Your Competitors

When companies compete on the Internet, everything they do to get attention will leave a trace. The optimization they make on their website is public. So are their sources of traffic.

Any tactic your competitors use to make themselves more visible in the market also makes this tactic visible to you. Watch the online activity of your competition. Then you can reverse engineer the strategies of your competitors. That way you optimize your efforts to mimic their success.

Comparing your SEO performance with the competition is an established practice. There are many tools and manuals that help you do this. SEO professionals all essentially do the same thing. They use tools for analyzing the quality and quantity of backlinks. They see what is behind a website’s rank on the search results pages. The use of services such as:

These tools can be used for comparing your website with those of competitors. See who scores best on which metrics, and how it impacts their revenue. Although this takes time to do right, understanding their online marketing strategy is critical to reverse engineer the strategies of your competitors. A competitive business can not run a winning website without this information.

Audienti gives the option to simplify this time-consuming task. Normally, you would use a range of different tools. But with Audienti, you don’t need to research the competition by hand. Audienti relies on our ‘competitor analytics’. It has all the tools for watching the performance of other websites. You can see what their webmasters and online marketers are doing in just a few clicks.

Follow the competition’s promotional activity over time. You can react to changes, and anticipate their next move. See where are they getting their prospects. Research the keywords they are ranking for. Also, look at the keywords they are advertising for, and where they get their backlinks from. Based on this insider information, you can reverse engineer their strategy. Then you can get new customers in the same way.

Boost your campaign results by using Audienti like this:

  • Research how your content can get traffic from new sources.
  • See what keywords more than one competitor in your project ranks for. Review competing websites based on facts, statistics, and competitive power.
  • Find pages that have links to more than one competitor. These websites are influencing your audience. It might be worth it to get a link from there to your website as well.
  • Find the websites that are ranking for more than one keyword in your project. These are websites that compete with you on the search results pages.


Audienti makes competing this way on the Internet effortless and robust. You no longer leave your optimizations to chance. You can act decisively, based on objective facts about your competition. You get to reverse engineer the strategies of your competitors. F

Finally, you can compete for the most lucrative top spot in your market. So that the brand is remembered and your message is heard.

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