Use Cases

Get better results easier by finding real-time, high-probability engagement opportunities.

Social Selling

Identify leads and simplify initial outreach with laser-focused targeting.

  • Always have new prospects available for your prospecting efforts
  • Find interested prospects by targeting based on title, interest, available ways to contact, and more
  • Faster to first touch with research into ways to contact already done, and a recent mention to talk about
  • Drop new leads directly into your CRM with Audienti's no-code API and webhooks

Influencer & Brand Ambassadors

Grow your brand faster with creatives that perfectly match your brand.

  • Always have fresh prospects at your fingertips
  • Find the right candidates for your campaigns with sophisticated filtering and segmenting capabilities
  • Don't waste your time researching and gathering contact information automatically
  • Gives you a reason to engage with a relevant mention to talk about.

Market Research and Planning

Use Audienti to figure out who your market is, where they are online, and what content is getting the most traction.

How Audienti Helps
  • Prospects
    • Identifies prospect from public mentions of keywords
    • Sort/filter by geographic location
    • Sort/filter by profile types and social networks
    • Sort/filter by influence and visibility
  • Mentions
    • Sort/filter by mention domains
    • Sort/filter by sentiment
  • Topics and related topics
    • Hashtag use
    • Phrases in mentions and profiles
    • Websites
    • Unique words (TF/IDF)

Digital Public Relations (PR)

Identifying the people that have eyeballs to we can build relationships and get them talking about our brands.

How Audienti Helps
  • Tracking brand and term mentions
    • Tracking sentiment of brand and term mentions
    • Tracking the visibility value of brand and term mentions
  • Automatically building tracking spreadsheets
    • Feed mentions directly into third party sources like Google sheets
    • Perform additional realtime analytics
    • Feed mention data and aggregate analytics into high level dashboards

Content Marketing and Amplification

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content amplification is a multichannel approach that uses paid, owned, and earned media to promote and distribute content. The goal of amplification is to increase your brand’s reach while encouraging your audience to move seamlessly through your sales funnel.

How Audienti Helps
  • Identify niche and topical sites where relevant conversations happen
    • Identify places to promote content
    • Identify micro-influencers and people active on topics in communities and forums
  • Reactive and opportunistic promotion
    • Identify prospects that are talking about topics often and pitch visibility or partnership
    • Attach content and links to existing conversations already happening online

Cookieless Digital Advertising

Identifying prospects for social and display advertising campaigns using hyper-relevant and micro-targeting. And, doing this while not using or relying on cookies for tracking.

How Audienti Helps
  • By Advertising Network
    • Build lists of the most common ad networks available on mentions around topics from across the web. Supports over 100 ad networks.
    • Surface secondary networks and ad strategies that might be a good fit for campaigns.
  • By Prospect
    • Produce citation lists with secondary citations and build network-based targeting lists.
    • List prospects or mentions by citations (references to other people and topics).
    • Export lists for targeting using custom audiences in ad platforms.

Audience Building

Boosting visibility and followers within an audience of relevant people.

How Audienti Helps
  • Track mentions that identify relevant topics so you can engage in conversations.
  • Identify prospects that about these topics often and pitch visibility or partnerships.
  • Attach content to existing conversations happening online.

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