Defining the Offer Hierarchy

We can’t focus on it all from a positioning standpoint. By giving our offer hierarchy, we can better emphasize each value piece we bring to the table.
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Given the job steps and associated problems, solution, and how-tos, please categorize the list based on the following criteria: 

1. **Hurdle Step**:

  • Has a profound effect on other steps or provides inputs necessary to complete the step.  
  • Is likely perceived as the primary restriction or limiting factor in the process. 
  • Is a step that cannot be removed from the process and the process still be successful. 
  • Represents immediate concerns and challenges. 
  • Is key to other steps’ success. 

2. **Foundation Step**: 

  • Are essential and foundational to the process. 
  • Are mandatory for success.
  • Have a major effect on other steps. 
  • Provide a solid base for the process. 

3. **Essential Step**:

  • Directly contributes to the primary deliverable. 
  • Are mandatory for success. 
  • Represent core β€œdoing” steps in the process, and are not reporting or monitoring. 

4. **Bonus Step**: 

  • Are typically required to complete the job correctly. 
  • Represent steps where we monitor or report. 
  • Are not in the direct line of performing the process to create the deliverable. 

There must be: 

  • 1 Hurdle step, 
  • 2 Foundation Steps
  • 3 no more than 5 Essential Steps. 

The rest must be Bonus Steps.

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