You’ve got value. Mad value. Now, let’s package it in a way that’s irresistible. Dive deep into the “Offer Era”. It’s about making sure when you throw out your pitch, no one – and I mean NO ONE – can resist it.

The Idealized Solution

Crafting an irresistible offer involves defining problems, creating an idealized solution, and trimming away low-value aspects. It’s about delivering high value in terms of effort, money, time, and risk.

Crafting Ideal Solutions

Concept of Idealized Solutions

Ever found something so perfect you couldn’t resist it? That’s an idealized solution – it’s what solves your problems exactly. This concept, inspired by Alex Rosi, involves making every reason someone hasn’t achieved a goal a reason to buy your solution.

Creating Comprehensive Solutions

Usually, a product doesn’t solve every problem. It fits into a step of the overall job. But with an idealized solution, we aim to cover all steps, even where our product lacks. It shows our effort, expertise, and simplifies the journey for the customer.

Methodology: Step-by-Step

Take the example of the man on the island needing shelter. First, identify the problems faced in each step. Then, devise ways to solve these problems, even beyond your product’s capabilities. This builds a compelling solution that resonates with the customer.

Focusing on Value

Trimming involves removing low-value aspects. Effort, money, time, and risk determine value. We evaluate each element, assign customer value scores, seek improvements, and decide what adds significant value.

Delivering Unique Solutions

After trimming down the idealized product, we move to product delivery and differentiation. This phase ensures delivering our unique solution effectively and fulfilling market promises.

Striving for Irresistibility

The goal is to create something irresistible. Building such a product allows market domination. Our marketing and go-to-market strategy aim for this dominance.


You’re on the right track. Understanding problems, creating compelling solutions, and delivering value put you ahead. The next step will focus on product delivery and market dominance. Keep moving forward!