You’ve got value. Mad value. Now, let’s package it in a way that’s irresistible. Dive deep into the “Offer Era”. It’s about making sure when you throw out your pitch, no one – and I mean NO ONE – can resist it.

Key messages, key stages

In the journey to market success, the transformation document serves as our strategic compass, distilling key elements into a powerful guide for clear and impactful execution.

Understanding Customer Journeys

When we put our ideas out into the world, it’s crucial to have a plan for reaching customers with our message. It’s not about overwhelming them but guiding them through a process—from not knowing they have a problem to making a decision. This process helps us create a plan to promote our content effectively.

Key Stages of the Customer Journey

Problem Awareness

At first, people become aware of the problem they might have and how urgent it is.

Initial Consideration Set

Here, they start gathering information about solving the problem, finding out who can help, and setting criteria for a solution.

Options Review

They categorize different solutions based on their needs.

Purchase Moment

Finally, they decide which vendor or solution fits their needs best.

Building Content Strategy

To build our content plan, we’ll match each stage of the customer journey with a specific challenge and a key message. We’ll use these messages strategically, drawing from our previous how-to guides as core resources.

Crafting Landing Pages for Clarity

Our landing page will focus on communicating our value clearly and simply. This is crucial in making our proposition understandable to anyone who visits, regardless of our direct interaction.

Key to Success: Right Message, Right Time, Right Person

Successful marketing means delivering the right message to the right person at the right moment. This strategy is about being there for customers when they need help the most. It’s not just about building trust or branding; it’s about focusing on solving their problems.

Customer Focus for Success

By concentrating on the customer and actively solving their issues, we’re setting ourselves up for success. Remember, putting the customer first is key to achieving our goals in this journey.


Focusing on solving problems for customers and being there at the right moment is what drives success. Keep this in mind as we move forward in our marketing efforts.