You’ve got value. Mad value. Now, let’s package it in a way that’s irresistible. Dive deep into the “Offer Era”. It’s about making sure when you throw out your pitch, no one – and I mean NO ONE – can resist it.

Mastering the Job: Unveiling Clear Steps to Success

In this segment, we define job steps and methodology, simplifying the process. Focus on functionality and mapping sequential, outcome-driven actions. Next, job definition and ideal solutions.

Unveiling the Job: Man on an Island

We’re diving into understanding the job and its steps. Remember our island scenario? Now, let’s define the goal and steps to get there.

Defining the Job

We’re responsible for delivering something specific, like leads for a marketer or deals for a salesperson. Simplify this: think functionally, focusing on clear, step-by-step actions. They should be sequential, specific, outcome-driven, and consistent in size and shape.

Methodology for Defining Steps

There’s a standard model to help identify these steps: Define, Locate, Prepare, Confirm, Execute, Monitor, Modify, and Conclude. When defining the process, think of hurdles, decision points, and reporting requirements. This helps map out how people effectively get their job done.

Next Steps: Job Definition and Ideal Solution

Next up, we’ll deliver a job definition outlining the responsibility and steps. Then, we’ll design an idealized solution. Understanding the customer’s steps and challenges is key before offering your solution. Only then can you truly add value and help them achieve their goals. See you in the next module!