You’ve got value. Mad value. Now, let’s package it in a way that’s irresistible. Dive deep into the “Offer Era”. It’s about making sure when you throw out your pitch, no one – and I mean NO ONE – can resist it.

The Big Idea

Embrace audacity with the big idea—your central beneficial promise. Craft a compelling and unique mechanism to overcome skepticism, fueling curiosity and setting the stage for transformative customer experiences.

The Power of a Big Idea

What’s a Big Idea?

A big idea is a powerful concept. It’s like a promise that inspires, educates, and challenges people to think differently. It’s the main benefit or promise wrapped in something unique that makes it stand out. This one idea defines everything about a business or product in just a few words.

Components of a Big Idea

A big idea consists of two parts: an exciting promise and a unique method. It should be simple, catchy, and different from what others are saying. For example, books like “The 4-Hour Workweek” and workout program P90X had unique promises – working fewer hours and “muscle confusion.”

Making a Big Idea Work

To make a big idea successful, it should focus on what your customers need and what you do best. It needs to be something unique to you, something your competitors aren’t offering. This idea is what sets you apart and draws people in.

How to Create a Big Idea

Creating a big idea involves analyzing competitors, refining, and then forming the idea. It often needs a few revisions to get it perfect. Once the big idea is set, it’s about building on it, making a clear message, and presenting its value crisply.

The Value of a Great Idea

Remember, a great idea can make a massive impact. If it’s promising, executed well, and gives hope and desire to customers, it can be a game-changer. Ideas are the future’s currency, driving momentum and attracting customers to experience the value you offer.


In summary, a big idea is a simple yet unique promise that defines everything about a product or business. It’s crucial to focus on what sets you apart from competitors. Crafting and refining this idea can lead to success, attracting customers by presenting a compelling promise they won’t find elsewhere.